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 Office of  Physcial Education, Shih-Chien University
Website: https://sport.usc.edu.tw/?Lang=en
Tel: (02)25381111 ext. 3811-3813
Fax: (02)25381111 ext. 3815


About the Gymnasium of Shih Chien University
    The construction of the gymnasium of Shih Chien University first started in July 1995 and was completed in September 1998, using fair-faced concrete as its main structure. In order to achieve the concept of integration of humans and nature, the outer wall is made of stainless steel woven mesh deconstructed from the surrounding wall. It is an open, bright, environmental-friendly establishment. 
    The interior plan of the gymnasium focuses on education, team training, sporting events, diversity, comfort and safety, in hopes to provide and improve the balance of body, mind, and fitness of staff and students.
    The main facilities of the gymnasium include basketball courts, volleyball courts, billiards classrooms, gym, dance classrooms, aerobic classrooms, martial arts classrooms, indoor tracks, shower rooms and a parking lot, etc. 
    The gymnasium is mainly used for PE classes and sports activities for admitted students and staff during the semester, and is opened to the public during school holidays.